Monday, March 31, 2014

March Miscellaneous

March was so very busy.  We definitely lived up all 31 days of it!  I began the month with a chop of my hair.  I was ready for a change, and I thought donating it sounded like a good idea.  Warmer months are ahead, and I thought it would be nice to lighten the load for summer!  It was a fun change, and it was neat to know that my hair went to Children With Hair Loss.  
A Baylor Women's Mama Bears event I facilitated took place the first Friday of March.  The weather was perfect, and it was fun to catch up with and meet other Baylor alumnae with young children.  We played at the park and made some fun handprint and footprint crafts (because what mama is not a sucker for handprint/footprint crafts, especially ones that look like bears?!)  There were 10-15 mamas there, and my mom came to help out with Clara.  It was lots of fun!

The month brought a few Sunday School events, both from our old classes and current class.  The first Sunday of the month, we attended a reunion lunch of sorts with lots of friends from our very first MYA class at HFBC, Veritas.  What a sweet groups of friends.  Many have moved on to other churches, and many (like us) went on to start other classes, but it was neat to be all together again.  It was also astounding to see how many children we have had since then.  Goodness gracious!  The next weekend, we hosted the leadership of our new class, Catalyst, for a brunch.  Exciting times!  Madeleine also had a blast at Violet and Parker's camping-themed birthday party (so cute!) before we enjoyed a family dinner at Linnet's.
The next Monday I was overjoyed to have a crazy day at home with four sweet girlies - mine, of course, and my sweet friend Laura's girls.  Our girls are third generation friends - their grandmothers were roommates at Baylor, then their mommies were...and well, no pressure, y'all.  Anyway, my friend Laura's little sister was having her baby, so I kept the girls while she spent the day at the hospital.  It was a RIOT.
That same week, we enjoyed an evening at the Rodeo with my sisters and their men.  We saw Jake Owen and had a lovely time in the Waste Management suite.  Thanks, Jul!
The following day, Madeleine had her rodeo day at school.  She looked so cute and so BIG!  Goodness gracious.
I picked her up from Rodeo Day just a bit early so that we could meet up with Granna and Grandad and head north to Plano for a little spring visit.  Usually my dad doesn't come with us for these mid-week trips, but he had some business in the metroplex, so we all headed north together.  It was a great time of catching up with some of our family, and I got to have dinner with Anne too!

The girls were troopers, but they must have been a little worn out from the traveling.  When we got back (the beginning of their "spring break") Clara had a virus, then I got it, then Madeleine was dealing with allergies, and Clara was teething.  We stayed home for about five days straight!  I guess you have to slow down sometime. (wink)  We eventually made it back outside to enjoy some of the springtime weather!
We hosted a big going-away party for some friends the next weekend, but that's in a separate post.  We quickly went back to the metroplex for just one night - my sweet mother-in-law retired from decades of nursing!  The party we attended was so much fun, and she was just a little excited to show off her granddaughters. :)  It was an honor to be there and celebrate all of her accomplishments!
The month finished up with our class women's retreat.  We didn't want to go too far since we have a lot of new mamas in the class - let's just say there was a lot of well-labeled milk in my parents' fridge!  Anyway, it was such a nice time of retreat - of spiritual and relational refreshment, and for some mamas, it was just lovely to get a full night's sleep!
We really enjoyed the arrival of spring - the month began with the girls in fleeces, and we finished in short sleeves at Fire Truck park!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy 4-month birthday, Clara!

Dear Clara,

Hi love!  You are four months old today!!  You are such a little joy in our family.  Your little personality continues to blossom, and I admit, you are turning me into more of a "baby person."  I'm not ready to claim that title quite yet, but baby, you are so irresistibly charming!  Your sister loves you so much that she made her own video parody about you to the tune of "Let it Go."

MadeleineLetItGo (Clara Bear) from Allison White on Vimeo.

Too funny.

You are getting chunkier!  You still nurse for your morning feeding, but you prefer breastmilk bottles during the course of the day.  That works out fine since we are oftentimes on the go.  Your teeth are starting to really bother you on and off, and you are having a little bit of some sleep regression.  Most nights you go about 8 or 9 pm to 7 or 8 am, but you are starting some shenanigans every few nights.
March was a busy month, and you did so well just going with the flow with our family.  I am continually in awe of your go-with-the-flow nature.  Your awareness is growing - you love playing on your playmat, and your neck is getting stronger and stronger as you turn to look at everything around you. We've had to venture into some crying-it-out, but don't try any antics, sister, we know from Madeleine that this method is totally worth it as you learn to soothe yourself.  Where we are in uncharted waters is middle-of-the-night crying it out.  Hmmm.

You did have a little fever one Sunday morning, which morphed into a little 24-hour feverish virus, but all-in-all you are a pretty healthy little girl!  We are so thankful for your health.
As you grow, you are able to better support yourself, so this has yielded a new tradition: sister baths!!  We used to bathe you in the sink while your sister got a tub bath, but you are getting too big, love!
Madeleine loves having you as her little buddy.  She loves doing everything with you.  This could change once you start moving and taking her toys, but for now, we will enjoy it!

I know I have said this before, but it is already so hard to imagine our little family without you as a part of it.  Even as such a little baby, you add so much!   
You are generous with your smiles, cuddles and giggles, you still love your paci, and we love watching you grow!