Saturday, February 22, 2014

Happy 3-month birthday, Clara!

Dear Clara, 

We are so excited to celebrate three months with you!  February has been a fun month, and we were excited to have you join us for Daddy's birthday and Valentine's day this year.  You fit in so very well with our family, and we just can't imagine life without you!  

After your 2-month shots, it was time for you to go to the church nursery on Sunday mornings!  You are loved so well there.  Ms. Judy, who took such good care of your big sister, is also your first Sunday School teacher.  She loves you very much. You began this month with a little congestion, and for some reason, that was making it hard for you to nurse.  We started feeding you with mostly pumped bottles, both because it seemed easier for you, and we really wanted to make sure you were getting enough food.  That has translated to always nursing you first thing in the morning, but you prefer bottles the rest of the day.  It actually works pretty well for our busy family!  You have moved over to your bed officially - no more rock and play sleeper in your room.  

You are still very peaceful and love to be cuddled. You still love the Moby, and that makes it easy to take you places and get you to sleep when we are out and about.  You love it when, after your baths, I give you a little massage before bed.  When it gets to the tummy part, you almost always have little baby toots, and it is just so cute. 
One thing you are not always laid back about is your carseat.  You typically are sleeping in it or screaming in it!! Another thing that we were disappointed to find out this month is that you were uninsured!!  When Daddy went in the system to add you after your birth, there was a glitch, and you weren't added. :( Long story short, we had to pay out-of-pocket for your 2-month check up and shots (!) but we purchased you your very own insurance plan.  Goodness gracious. 

You continue to develop more awareness, really responding to us, focusing on different things, babbling, and you even gave me your first giggle.  February in Texas has yielded days when you were really bundled to days when you felt the grass with your bare feet!
We love you, sweet thing!


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