Friday, January 31, 2014


Welcome 2014!  We started January with wedding festivities but also really settling into life with our two chickies after the holiday season.  Madeleine enjoyed playing with her new toys, and we rung in the new year with fondue and a Baylor Fiesta Bowl game, unfortunately not a win, but hey, we looked cute!

Since Clara came home, the kitties had been acting a little unusual, making more messes, etc. We thought they might be randomly having a hard time with the new baby (there wasn't an issue with Madeleine.)  Anyway, it got really out of hand, and we came back to a huge mess after Christmas.  We made the tough decision to let them go.  Well, when we took them in to try to get them adopted, we found out they were actually really sick (the reason for the messes) and they had to be put to sleep.  We miss them lots and lots, and even though we were sad they had gotten sick, we felt better that it wasn't just an adjustment thing, they really had a problem.  Poor babies.  Miss you Winston and Theodore!  We had a great 5 1/2 years with you!
Madeleine had some good fun with our cleared out living room - after the kitties were gone, we steam cleaned all of our rugs and carpets.  Our living room quickly turned into her dance floor.
Before the wedding, Madeleine got her hair cut, and we had a lunch date with Daddy at Corner Bakery Cafe - one of our favorite spots.  Clara just kept getting cuter and cuter.
The weekend after the wedding, Anne and Patrick came to visit - Patrick ran the Houston Marathon!  They were so sweet to come by to visit with us and meet Clara.
Cason had Martin Luther King Jr. Day off, so we spent some time at the Arboretum. 
Madeleine also had fun riding her new bike in the neighborhood, but sometimes she needed to "stop for a little rest. 
The weather wasn't all balmy - we had two "ice days" where various parts of Houston were hit with varying degrees of icy weather.  It was quite cold, but all it brought to us were some icicles.  We spent a lot of time inside trying to stay warm, and once Madeleine wanted to "play beach."
We had a really nice date night with our friends the Halgrens - we went to Backstreet Cafe and a wonderful American Songbook-type show at the Houston Symphony.  We had such a nice time!
I was honored to be among the hostesses for Baby Charlie Carpenter's shower!  It was a really special celebration with lots of yummy food!  We are so excited to meet him - J.T. and Noelle are going to be such good parents.
We went to the Arboretum once more with the Owens before our second "Ice Day."  While there wasn't much of a storm, the excitement felt by the city and the uncertainty in all the preparations sure makes for some fun, and there's nothing wrong with staying cozy indoors, especially when you have a two-month old.  The Texas weather is so crazy.
The girls were up to their usual shenanigans, just being hilarious and lots of fun!  I'd say our January got off to a great start!!

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