Tuesday, April 30, 2013

April Happenings - including Baby White #2 announcement!

I am blogging about April in June (despite how I tagged the entry - sneaky sneaky) and I want to quickly archive the month a bit before moving on to more in-depth blogs.  Looking back at the calendar, we stayed in town for the entire month, and there were no holidays, but somehow we were busy!  Here is a quick re-cap.

My mom co-chaired the 25th Anniversary BUWAH luncheon this year.  I can't believe it has been three years since I co-chaired it!  She and her co-chair did an amazing job, and it was so much fun.  My sister designed all the printed materials.  You might be able to guess by our attire, but it was chilly that day!
At Community Cloth, we had a peer knitting workshop and said good-bye to three of our women: Chandra, Durga and Pabitra.  While it was sad to see them go, it was great knowing that we were a part of their lives while they were in Houston.  We wished them well as they moved to Ohio and Pennsylvania to be with their families.
We attended two little kid birthday parties, I attended two bridal showers and a baby shower, and we went to Micah Saxe's T-ball game.
Our women's event for class was BINGO!  It was lots of fun, and Annette actually won something!  I love those dabbers, and the popcorn wasn't bad either!

We were also able to attend two fundraising events as guests of friends of ours.  Both ministries do such important work in Houston, and we were so excited to go and learn more about their missions.  At the beginning of April, we attended the Redeemed Ministries event as guests of the Holts, and the last weekend of April we attended The Source for Women event as guests of the Halgrens.

Our little family made an announcement ourselves that our family would be growing in November!  We found out in March, the week before I ran the Bearathon!  It was lots of fun to finally "go public" but being in weeks 6-10 in April made for a very tiring (but thankfully not nauseous) month! It was great to get back to the midwives and see the heartbeat and another little life.  We never, ever take that for granted.  More on the pregnancy coming soon!  Please also note Madeleine's attire in these pictures - as I mentioned with the BUWAH Luncheon, April was (typically!) on the chilly side!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

An Easter Weekend Proposal!

Ben and Julianne are engaged!  These two have been quite the lovebirds for some time, but he had her tricked into thinking this fall would be the earliest he would pop the question.  Little did he know, the calendar had barely turned to 2013 before he began looking for rings, and the plan unfolded.  The zoo became the location of choice.  The Houston Zoo holds a special place in the hearts of the Deilys as our sweet Linnet is on the Board of Directors and our late Grandad Mike has a memorial garden there that was given as a gift by so many friends and family after his passing.  As readers of the blog know, our little family has enjoyed our membership as well.  Julianne and Ben were no different, having made that a date spot during their relationship, even enjoying a behind-the-scenes tour or two.  Ben and Linnet began collaborating on some ideas, and through those conversations, as well as pulling the family in on the surprise, a fantastic plan began to form.  Ben even tricked Julianne into thinking it was her idea that they go on this particular behind-the-scenes tour on March 30.

They began their morning bathing the elephants, until one elephant walked in with a chalk message written on her, and the morning quickly changed for Julianne!
 She was so surprised!  The celebrations continued - she thought they would continue the tour, and so she began taking pictures of the ring and contacting everyone while they were riding on the golf cart to the "next stop."  Little did she know, many of her friends and family were there at the zoo, excited to celebrate with the happy couple!
 Madeleine particularly enjoyed the zoo-themed masks that Granna brought, and before brunch, we had to stop by the carousel for a ride on her favorite panda.  (So worth $1.25!)  Here's a little summary that Julianne wrote for a competition on theknot.com - click here
 We all went to Canopy for brunch as conversations continued.  It was fun for the families to continue to get to know one another better too.  This was all especially fun for the matchmakers - Liz and Kendall, the little sisters of the bride- and groom-to-be, and roommates at the University of Texas.  :)
After brunch we headed home so that Madeleine could get a quick nap in before the weekend's events continued, the next being Kallie Marlatt's first birthday party.  The Marlatts are dear friends of ours who have relocated to Oklahoma for work.  We were so excited that Kallie's party happened to be in the Houston area so that we could celebrate with this sweet family.  The egg hunt was particularly entertaining. 
After the party in Sienna Plantation, we drove back into town to get ready for one last engagement celebration - a family dinner at Ben's aunt and uncle's home.  Back to the museum district we went for a lovely, intimate al fresco dinner party to honor the newly-engaged couple. 
If you thought that was enough family time, you'd be wrong, because we still had Easter Sunday!  It was so special for Ben's family and Matt to join the Deilys and Whites for Sunday morning church at Houston's First Baptist.  After the service, we all went out to Cypress for Madeleine's egg hunt, and a delicious Easter lunch!

Madeleine definitely enjoyed her Easter basket goodies as well.  My favorite part of this year was asking Madeleine why we celebrate Easter and hearing her shout "Because JESUS IS ALIVE!"