Friday, August 3, 2012

Noah's Ark Fun!

Last week we got together with some kiddos and mamas at the Noah's Ark pool. It was a great morning - not too hot and not too crowded. In our little group, the boys outnumbered the girls seven to three. I guess the five mamas balanced it out. ;)
It's not every day the mamas get their picture taken too! The kids had a blast. Madeleine really enjoyed the setting too, because she has much more Bible and animal knowledge this summer, so she was pointing them all out and talking about Noah. She was also sporting a ponytail...and the occasional cheek.
Big kids Archer and Adelaide were really into "swimming"
And how cute are the Fuller brothers and the Connally brothers in their matching swimsuits?
Those Bettises sure are photogenic...
Madeleine was pretty adventurous, but she and her buddy Graham were notorious for going to the top of the rainbow slide and just standing there.
So her mama might've pushed her...
Her hesitation was surprising considering she had just gone off the diving board (completely her idea) twice at our neighborhood pool the week before, and recently, her favorite thing to do in big pools is get thrown by her mama, like we did at this swim playdate with the Lalanis a couple weeks ago!

The zoo in the summer... wonderful! If you go in your tank top and running shorts and just know you are going to sweat, it is quite fun. We went a couple Wednesdays ago with our friends the Rabes and the Saxes. We got there right when it opened, and there was no one there. It was so great! I didn't even make Madeleine sit in a stroller - she really wanted to wander, and I was okay with that. It was actually tolerable outside for the first hour or so. Notice I didn't say cool, I said tolerable. ;)

But it's always cool inside of Natural Encounters...

Poor Madeleine got her mommy's sweat genes, so for the majority of the time her hair looked like this:
This zoo trip was special to me because we hadn't been in a couple months, based on summer temperatures and busyness. It was the first trip that I think Madeleine really got it. We go to the zoo a lot, thanks to our membership, and it's always nice to be outside and have an activity with friends, but this time she understood which animals we were looking at and which sounds they make.
All that walking around the zoo in the heat was starting to get to her, just after we went by the rhinos, there it was! The new splash pad! She was so excited to change into her swimsuit and splash. She played there for 20-30 minutes, not caring a bit where her mama was. So refreshing.
We finished up our Wednesday trip with the giraffes (which she later told me were her favorite!)