Monday, May 28, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

I had a lovely Mother's Day with my sweet little family. Celebrating my role as Madeleine's mommy continues to get sweeter and richer, and I am thankful for each and every day with her.
Madeleine and her daddy certainly spoiled me this year - they gave me such thoughtful gifts. I loved when Cason and Madeleine would talk about the mug and he would say "Did we make Mommy a surprise?" and she would say "handprints" "cup" etc. So cute. I never tire of handprint crafts, no matter how many she makes at church.
The whole weekend was so nice and relaxing, and the sweet Deilys deferred our Mother's Day meal to the evening to accommodate Madeleine's schedule since she is pretty wiped out after church. We went to Macaroni Grill and had such fun. Everyone took turns watching Madeleine and walking her outside when she got squirmy. The funniest moment of the night, in my opinion, happened when Madeleine was going around the table naming everyone. See, she's gotten to spend lots of time with Granna, Granddad, Jul, her boyfriend Ben and Liz, but Liz's boyfriend Matt hasn't gotten to see her as much (she last saw him at her birthday party.) So she went around the table reciting all the names, but when she got to Matt, she couldn't remember his name. She thought a minute, and said, decidedly, "Face" and kept on going. We all cracked up. It was such brilliant toddler logic. "I can't quite remember who you are, but let's have a face, so I'll use that." She quickly learned "Matt" but even since then, every now and then she slips up and says "Face." So funny.
I am so thankful we got to spend this day together, and I am thankful for all the wonderful moms in my life, including my own amazing mom, that serve as daily reminders of sweet and sacrificial love.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Third Three-Generation Roadtrip

Since I've been in a season of staying home full time with Madeleine, we've been able to take advantage of that time and make three different trips up to Plano for no other reason than spending time with family and some friends. No holiday, no special event, just being together.  We did one last June, one last fall on the tail end of Baylor Homecoming and one here in the first week of May.  All three girls trips with my mom, Madeleine and myself have been so much fun.

We mostly saw family this trip - it's amazing how quickly three mid-week nights pass - and we are blessed with lots of family in the Metroplex!  We began the trip with a stop by my mom's friend (and my friend too!) Vicki's showroom in the design district.  She sells high-end patio furniture, and it was the perfect stop for Madeleine after a long car ride.  She couldn't hurt a thing in the showroom (except for some decorative coral she found and handed to Vicki) so she just climbed all over that patio furniture while the "big girls" visited.

When we got to Gran and Granpa's, Madeleine was quickly comfortable (we've brought her here many times) but this time she was even more interested (and more respectful of) the things in their home.  She walked all around the house and would point at pictures of our family and greet them.  She especially loved to say hi to my cousin Karoline. :) I think one of my favorite interactions to watch was how she treated their Czech dolls.  She talked to them, pointed out ornate parts of their outfits (boots, bows, dress, hat, etc.) and their bodies and faces (eyes, ears, hair, hands, fingers, on and on.)  The dolls' eyes close when you lay them down, so she would very carefully lay the smallest one down, see the eyes close and say "night-night."  So sweet.  My Uncle John, Aunt Suzanne and cousin Brooke (new Prestonwood Christian Academy Student Body President! :) joined us for dinner a Gran and Granpa's that first night.  It was so good to catch up and enjoy some of Gran's delicious and fresh (much of it coming from their garden!) food.  As they drove off, fireflies danced around the yard, and the simplicity in which they live refreshed me once more.

One of my mom's initial hesitations with going mid-week was missing her BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class on Wednesday morning.  She quickly remembered that my Aunt Suzanne is a discussion group leader for a BSF group in Plano, so she went to her group on Wednesday morning.  They do the same study nationwide, so she didn't miss a beat!  Madeleine and I spent some time in the backyard with Gran and Granpa, and I got to go for a run in their neighborhood. Gran was so nice to help Madeleine find many a roly poly in their yard too, since that is one of Madeleine's favorite backyard games.  She's got a shovel in all four pictures.  I think she looks especially authoritative in that picture with Granpa.

When Granna got back, we told her about Madeleine's two major tantrums that morning - Mommy wouldn't let her play with Gran and Granpa's cordless phones. Such a mean Mommy! Madeleine picked blackberries with Granna, and then she proudly showed Gran and Granpa the ones they picked.

So sweet. One of the great perks about where Gran and Granpa live is that my Grandma Carole lives within walking distance from their house (my parents met in high school.) It's so convenient to pop back and forth when we visit, and we did just that! Wednesday afternoon and evening we went over there to visit. First, Madeleine demonstrated three of her "emotion faces" on the piano bench.
Of course, Grandma Carole spoiled us with some more delicious cooking. Miss Madeleine at the following: bananas, apples, strawberries, avocado, rice, chicken, carrots, sweet potato, edamame and soda bread! The weather was great, so of course we spent a lot of time outside there too!  Madeleine showed us some of her dance moves, including her signature "chicken wing."  People say my Aunt Jessie and I look alike - no kidding, right?

History nerd and genealogy enthusiast that I am, one of my favorite parts of the evening was perusing some of Grandma Carole's old scrapbooks.  There were so many amazing photos, and I love imagining what it was like, especially for her as she became a mother to four in Latin America. These were a few of my favorites - doesn't she look like Audrey Hepburn?  Do you see some of Madeleine in my dad?
Thursday I got to have lunch with my dear Anne Pal at The Mint. She works at the Dallas Museum of Art, so it typically works out well to meet there.  I have lots of sweet friends in the DFW area, but it is just so hard to get around and see everyone!
After Madeleine's nap, we went back over to Grandma Carole's for a bit more playtime.  (For all of us - I got to look at more scrapbooks!) 

Madeleine had her first accordion lesson with her Great Granpa, and she had a blast dancing. We also got to have dinner with Madeleine's Nana - another Metroplex bonus! I think she didn't know what to do with her happiness when she got to hang out with Granna and Nana a the same time!

After some marching and dancing on Friday morning...
We hit the road, headed back south. We stopped in Ennis to see my great aunt Ruphine. She's in a nursing home there, and Madeleine was such a ray of sunshine there. Multiple times she said "Rupheeeeeeen! Rupheeeeeenn!" So precious. We had a great time, and we always leave feeling so refreshed and full of family love. Just for grins I have to leave you with this pic of my grandparents because they are just so cute. :)