Tuesday, April 24, 2012

18 months

Dear Madeleine,

I am overwhelmed as I try to write this post! I don't even know how to organize my thoughts, so I think I might just do some excerpts from your calendar, along with some other stream-of-consciousness observations about your life currently.  I have already written about many things over the past three months, but here are some highlights.

Feb. 1: I cheered up a stressed-out checker at Target. There was a difficult customer in front of us, but when it was our turn I smiled and flirted. She told me I made everything better.

Feb. 4:  Mommy and I got soaked running out of the grocery store.  What an adventure!  Miss Sara Beth came to watch me tonight.  When I saw her sparkly silver Toms, I said "ooooo!"

Feb. 15:  Weird.  I was up from 4-6 this morning, so I slept in and we missed MOPs.  I love having nibbles of chips and queso.  When I see Mommy's blender, I say "Loud, loud!"

Feb. 18: I was not a good sleeper last night.  Mommy and I slept in a bed in her old room together all night - we've never done this before!  We went to Waco for the Baylor basketball game, and I made friends with everyone, even Bruiser.  We went to the Lalanis to meet baby Ava and Granddad watched me in the hotel room.  I went to bed at 6:30 pm and slept so well all night! (side note not in the calendar: Madeleine met an usher at the basketball game and was so friendly with her. She went up to her several times during the game to be picked up. She told me, "I was never able to have babies, but I just love them. They seem to know when I need some extra love." Sweetest thing.  I love that they have the same expression in the below picture.)

Feb. 21:  I am so smart.  Whenever I see a truck, a thermometer or the kitchen timer, I say "beep beep." I am also so good at following directions.  (She really is, but she is better at directions like "Go put these clothes in Mommy's dirty clothes basket" but she is not good at "Madeleine we are in a parking lot so you have to hold Mommy's hand.")

Feb. 23:  I loved music time today at MCC;  I also played peek-a-boo with an elderly lady and her walker.  I love being outside and pushing my giraffe around.  I come up with interesting ways to stack my ABC blocks.

Feb. 29:  I am so friendly!  We had a playdate with the Saxes, Bettises and Fullers.  We went to Hobby Lobby twice, and both times I said "hi" and "bye" to the panda on the Panda Express sign.

March 6: I love to ride on our spinning desk chair with wheels.  I fell off and busted my lip today, but Mommy quickly figured out that I was crying not because my lip hurt but because I wanted to be back on the chair.  Granna and I were outside a lot today.  It was windy, and I thought it was so funny when the wind moved my swing!

March 11:  It was so rainy today!  We went to Jax Grill after church.  I played on the car game with Jake and Violet and I put tomatoes in my hair.

March 23:  Today Jake came over to play and Miss Sara Beth did too!  Mommy delayed my nap a lot and I laid on the kitchen floor with lambie and said "night, night."  I slept some in the car on the way to Waco.  I saw sausage on Mommy's pizza and said "poo poo"

March 28:  I went to time-out for the first time today. I kept climbing on the kitchen table to try to get Mommy's bowl of Easter eggs.  I was so mad during time-out, but after I was so good.  Mommy thinks I understand.

April 5:  I threw a huge tantrum today when Mommy said we were done watering the plants outside.  I wanted to keep watering!  I was so screamy.  We went to church twice today, and I was such a trooper.

April 10:  I love to sit in Mommy's lap while she blow dries her hair.  I also love to put on chap stick and wash my hands.  I go to any sink or faucet and say "hambas?!"  when I want to wash my hands (which is a lot!)  Granna taught me the word "neck" today.

April 16:  Mommy and I ran some errands in the rain.  I clapped my hands and said "Yay!" for the umbrella. I was kinda fussy tonight, but I went to bed well.

April 14:  Slept in till after 9 today!  Freaked out when Mommy left for a baby shower.  We went to Daddy's softball playoffs/championship.  I had fun playing with Jake, making new friends at the playground, watching kites and trying to take my shirt off.

April 20:  This morning, I grabbed a purse and said "bye-bye, car, church."  So smart.  Mommy and I went to Cypress.  I played a lot outside, even in the rain!  I played the piano and climbed stairs.  I even ate salmon, green beans and quinoa for dinner, and I pooped in the tub.  What a full day!

Other things about you right now:

- You love music and request certain songs, for example, "up above" for "twinkle twinkle, little star" and "su-shy" for "you are my sunshine."  You still has some song that you requst by saying "nuh, nuh" and doing the sign language for "more," but we have no idea what it is!

- You love to pray for friends and family, especially at bedtime.  You call out names during prayer time, and we pray for those people (such as:  Nana, Pop, AJ, Ben, Heba, Hamma, Deek (Jake), Paige, Amy, Liz, Peeby, etc.)

-You know so many words!  We can't even believe how well you express yourself.  So fun.  You can identify yellow, green and blue; the letters E and M and you usually know what we are talking about with the number two.  You love identifying body parts ("elbow!  knee!") and many times you surprise us with words you know ("feather!  shadow!")

- You are not afraid of one darn thing, (still have some random separation anxiety every now and then when Mommy leaves though) you love to be upside down, make yourself dizzy, swing high, run away from your parents in the crowded church lobby, go down slides...and you love  when Mommy sneaks up on you and startles you.   You say "mo, mo" and do your sign language, so Mommy runs away and hides, then jumps out and scares you, so you squeal and giggle. You are going to love roller coasters.

- You love coloring with crayons and playing with play-doh.  You also love looking for roly polys in the flowerbed with Mommy.  You especially love it when they crawl on your hands.

- Growing girl - at your appointment today, you were in the 89% for weight (27lbs., 12 oz.)  and 86% for height at 33 inches.

We love you Madeleine, you continue to bring us so much joy!



Paige C. said...

Thank you, Madeleine, for praying for me and baby Cara Beth! That was a quick reference, but it touched my heart. You are a sweet girl, and Cara will need a 2-year-old friend to show her the ropes!

Kristen said...

She is crazy cute! Isn't it ridiculous how you can get all emotional if you let yourself. Too fast, all is going too fast!