Thursday, February 16, 2012

First half of February

Already February 15th?!  We've had a lot of fun this month - we always do with Cason's birthday and Valentine's Day being so close together.  We started the month blowing our eating out budget. ;) Between a trip to Benjy's with Julianne and Ben before my uncle's art show in the Heights, a trip to El Ranchero with the Rabes and our mariachi-loving babies and an impromptu triple date to Raven Grill and Chocolate Bar with the Cabiros and Saxes, we hit the restaurants hard the first weekend of February!

I am also working on a little remodeling project, mostly finished that first weekend, but we are still waiting on a couple of pieces.  Can't wait to show you!

We had a Super Bowl party with our Sunday School class - tons of fun with great kiddos - we were all in the Saxes' home and 14 families were represented!  I consider myself a football-loving gal, but I couldn't have cared less about this Super Bowl. As you can see by my husband's and daughter's attire, our little family was in denial that our beloved Cowboys weren't playing.
In between various festivities, Madeleine has continued to play outside, insisted that Mama put her shoes on, even over her jammies, and she has worn a Valentine's bag on her head, yes siree.
We had a rare weekend when both Cason's parents as well as Cason's sister and brother-in-law (Heather and Larry) were both in town. We loved having them here, and of course we missed our four nephews! Madeleine's Nana and Pop have a tradition - well he loves to get those funny animals that sing and dance, and she always obliges. Madeleine loved this Valentine's gift - monkeys that sing "I Got You Babe."
Thanks to all the family in town on Cason's birthday, we were able to have a super-fun, Mexican-themed (of course) party for Cason. It is always such a treat to get our families together, and it doesn't happen nearly enough. I especially love it when the dads do dishes. ;)
Madeleine visited not one but two DSWs one afternoon after her 3-hour nap (really starting to embrace the one nap/day!) She has great taste in bags and shoes.
Then Valentine's came. I got to do the 14 days of Valentine's for Cason (via pinterest of course) and he loved it! Every day he would say "What's my treat today?" so I tried to vary when/how I would give them to him. Madeleine and I spent the morning at the Children's Museum. Our membership this year is such a treat! She loved it - her favorites this time were: the life-sized cow right in front of the Tot Spot (we got off the elevator, and she immediately said "MOOOOO!"), the toddler-sized sink, the fire truck and the outside exhibits. I went ahead and took her into lots of the "big kid" exhibits. She loved them, and no one told her she wasn't a big kid. ;)
Madeleine also got to see her Granna on Valentine's day. Granna played with her outside and taught her about giraffes. Her Nana had given her a cute outfit and chocolate-scented teddy bear to commemorate the holiday as well, and she got some sweet Valentines from her great-grandparents. Granddad joined Granna after work so that Mommy and Daddy could go see a movie. Madeleine's Valentine to them was poop on the floor after her bath.
I think, after all the wooing of the family, that Madeleine's Valentine would have to be Elmo. I know she can join the ranks of American toddlers - he's really got a hold on her! She wakes up in the morning - saying "Mama" when she's ready to get out of bed, but when I go into her room, it's "El-mow? El-mow?"