Monday, October 24, 2011

Happy ONE YEAR birthday, Madeleine!

Tutu courtesy of Miss Tiffany!
Dear Madeleine,
Well here we are! One year old! I cannot believe that one year ago today, this was happening! I feel like the fun is just beginning. Don't get me wrong, your early baby months were precious, but I am loving your personality and how much you are growing and learning. I know the best is yet to come! Where to begin...we have been loving October. Generally it's been cooler, and we've been outside a lot. You started really walking shortly after turning 11 months. That means you had to start wearing shoes! You didn't take too kindly to them at first, but your Granna really helped civilize you since she's over here every Tuesday, and Daddy and I have been getting you to wear them out in public too. You were moved to a walker Sunday School class this Sunday. Lots of changes!  You also look so cute in a little clip bow, but most days we can't get you to keep one in.  Even when you can't feel something on your head, you do regular "bow sweeps" to see if someone sneaked one in.  Ah well. :)

We have been to the zoo just about every week this month. You continue to love it, and you are definitely a different baby than when we went in the spring. Here are some pictures of you at the zoo lately.
Here's a picture of you and your Daddy in the backyard - you also love your swing in the front!
Food-wise, you are a champ. We abandoned bottles about two weeks ago, and last week we got you on straight whole milk. What a big girl! You are great at using your straw, but it is still surreal for us to see you casually walking around our house, holding a cup and drinking from a straw. We do a double-take - where's our baby?! You are over baby food - too independent to have anyone else feed you with a spoon. You like pouches still, and feeding yourself. Granna found a way to get you to eat your baby food - she mixed it really thick with your baby cereal and put a spoon of the mixture on your high chair tray. You picked it up and put it right in your mouth! This is how we are trying to get through our remaining baby food without it going to waste. You love lasagna and scrambled eggs with add-ins like squash, little smokies and zucchini.
You still love to explore, preferring household items (and sometimes trash) to your playroom full of toys. You also love to put your hands in Mommy's mouth and explore that too. Here are some pictures of you playing in the bathroom trash (Mommy checked to make sure there wasn't anything too yucky in there) and you love our Frankenstein from Nana. You frequently say "hi " to him and love to pet his hair. You also love to find the steamer basket in the cabinet - it fascinates you!
You have added "ball" and "cheese" to your vocabulary as well as "uh-oh." Sometimes "uh-oh" sounds like "uh-uh" or "oh-oh."  You continue to respond to things your Daddy and I say, such as "Madeleine, where's your milk?"  (you'll look for your cup) or "Madeleine your cheerios are on the table," (you'll go to your table in the playroom and grab some) etc.  Granna also taught you "Gimme five!" Very cute sweet girl. You pooped in the tub about five times this month. You had never done that before, so...bravo, and thanks for that surprise. ;) We continue to love your personality and falling in love with who God made you to be. You still have that tummy!
We had such a celebratory weekend with your party (party post coming soon!) that we didn't do much for your birthday today - I took you to Starbucks for your first Starbucks drink. ;) Mommy had a pumpkin spice latte while you had chocolate milk. The rest of the day was spent simply playing while I thanked God for you over and over in my heart. Your molars must've also written your birthday on their calendars because they are definitely pushing through.
Last, but certainly not least, here is a poem your Granna wrote for you to celebrate your birthday. I love how it captures exactly where you are right now.

Clap those hands 
 And "give me 5" 
A one-year-old Madeleine 
Has arrived! 
Eight teeth sparkle 
With her heart-warming grin, 
She's a real cutie 
Even with food on her chin! 
Laughing in her tree swing, 
Walking in her shoes, 
Keeps herself going with a 
Twice-a-day snooze. 
Opens up everything, 
Takes it all out, 
Finds strange things 
And puts them in her mouth. 
Looking at books 
And playing with toys, 
She is her parents' 
Pride and joy. 
A miracle from God, 
Special from the start, 
Sweet Madeleine 
You warm our heart! 
Love, Granna 
We love you, sweet girl!
Love, Mommy

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Madeleine and the Magical Onesie

In honor of the Rangers playing in the World Series as well as Madeleine turning one tomorrow, I thought I would share with you a little baby phenomenon. She has a magical onesie that she has literally been wearing since her first week of life. She got it from our friends the Scotts - Kade Scott is her due date twin, but Madeleine was 10 days early, and Kade was one week late. Anyway...see, when Madeleine arrived, the Rangers went to the World Series a few days after. These first pictures were taken LAST October.
Madeleine looked so cute it in, even when she was a little too small for it (the size is 3-6 months, by the way) and she wore it more when she was older. Here she is at almost five months:
Then again at almost eight months:
Almost nine months:
Almost eleven months - doing her thing and raking the A/C intake grate - loves it.
And tonight, game 4 of the World Series, loving on her Daddy and cheering the Rangers on again on the eve of her first birthday.
She has grown out of many onesies, but we just can't seem to box this one up - always fits!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

I have been in a bit of a bloggy slump lately. I literally have five posts waiting to be written, and for some reason I have no motivation. Well, I had no motivation until we went to the pumpkin patch today with about ten other families from our Sunday School class, and I am just giddy with the pictures we got. I'm sure the ones Natalie got of everyone's kids are even better, but for now I'll post my amateur ones!! I love seeing the progression. The first picture was taken right after we arrived and she had woken up from a morning nap in the car. Not so sure about this.
Oh here's my little buddy. I love spending my days with her.
What are all these orange things?!
I've totally got this figured out. Here's one just my size!
What else can I explore?
We tried to get all the kids on the wagon, but that didn't happen.  This is the best I got with four - Violet, Madeleine, Hannah and Laurel.  There are 10-15 kids that were there that are NOT in this picture.  So much for that idea.
This is so exciting!
She looks like such a big girl with her bow, jeans and tennis shoes (on loan from Hannah!)