Sunday, July 24, 2011

Happy 9-month birthday, Madeleine!

Dear Madeleine,

We can't believe you are 9 months old! I think we are going to blink and your first year will have passed us.

The word of the month is "GROWING." While that might seem obvious, it just seems like everything you are doing has just grown exponentially in a month. Your mobility - there's not a surface you don't pull up on, and your crawling is so fast; y
ou are standing up and cruising right along as you hold onto things, and much of the time you are on your tip toes; your fearlessness - you will try anything, even standing for a second or two; your independence - you love to try to do things for yourself, like feeding, and you don't even use your baby bathtub anymore; your messes - you are making a mess with all this new food you are trying to eat by yourself; your understanding - you are starting to know what we are saying; your sense of humor - there are so many things you think are just hilarious; your teeth - you have six now; and your experiences - this past month you've done so much - you spent over 1/3 of the nights away from your crib!

Here are a few facts about your 9th month:
  • You really respond to your name - when we say "Madeleine!" you will turn around and crawl back toward us. You also respond well to "No!" Thankfully, for now, you will turn away from that electrical cord or other forbidden object and focus on something else! You also respond to "Madeleine, come get Mommy!" (you crawl to me) or "Madeleine, go get Daddy!" (you crawl to him.)
  • You had a cold from VBS for a long time before you got your first ear infection! That made our first night of vacation a nightmare as you woke up burning up and wouldn't go back to sleep for about 4 hours. We felt so bad for you, and we were concerned and exhausted as well. This is you the morning after - you slept until 10am!
  • You were so adaptable on our road trip to DFW, but by the time we went to the beach you had developed quite the case of separation anxiety. I think your ear infection made it worse, but you were a homing beacon on MOMMY all week. That was hard because your Mommy needed a bit of a vacation, and there were so many other people that wanted to hold you and play with you! You're better now that we are home, for the most part, and you still don't cry when we drop you off at the church nursery, so we are hoping this phase passes soon. We also hope this phase of putting everything in your mouth passes soon, but we know you are just exploring.
  • You were fearless at the beach! You just crawled right into the waves every chance you got. You were also fearless when you met the Gormans' boxer Laney. You were not afraid of that big dog one bit, you just giggled and giggled when she licked your face. You continue to love our kitties too. You showed Winston you could almost reach him even when he is on the window seat!

  • Madeleine, our days at home are a bit like a dating relationship. If Mommy is too busy or trying to get things done while you are awake, you pout and cry and get very clingy. As long as Mommy is paying lots of attention to you, you are as independent as can be; I just can't be doing much of anything else. :)
  • I don't want to rush to claim your first word, BUT yesterday you were looking for me, and your Daddy and I both heard "ma-ma-ma-ma" very clearly...just sayin'.
  • I am still breastfeeding you in the morning and pumping for the rest of your feedings, but this week we started adding a couple of ounces of formula to a bottle or two/day. I noticed my supply changing just a little bit, and rather than try to stimulate more milk production, I thought I'd rather just let it start declining a bit and not stress about it. Breastfeeding and pumping have gone so well for us, I didn't want it to get dramatic now. You've done really well with the added formula, so we will continue to use that as a supplement.
  • You are still sleeping basically 8p-8a. You typically take 2 naps - one around 10 and one around 2. The length of the naps vary. If we happen to be out and about between 5:30-6:30, you'll take a little snooze in the car, but you don't usually do that at home.
  • You are so happy, Madeleine. When we say "Yay, Madeleine!" and clap our hands, you smile so big and you put your hands high over your head and bring them down repeatedly on your thighs.
Oh I just love that picture of you with your monkey pj pants on your head - too cute. I had to post it again.

We love you, Madeleine. God has blessed our family so much through your spunky little life!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Family Vacation 2011 - Jamaica Beach

We had a great time at the beach with the Whites and Bristers from July 8-15! I will admit, I packed way too many books anticipating more relaxation than we actually achieved. Silly new mom. Traveling with a baby is fun but not so relaxing. :) We also had some real-world issues - her ear infection, her teething, her clingyness in being in a new environment with unfamiliar here goes my stream-of-consciousness recap. If I were to truly write about everything in detail...well it would be a post longer than I would want to write or you would want to read!

Family arriving at our house, nephews looking for the cats, decorating koozies, Heather and Trish shopping, me making enchiladas, rice and beans, Madeleine waking up from her nap with 102.4 fever, moving backyard family picture up (thanks, Natalie!) taking Madeleine to the pediatrician, ear infection, picking up amoxicillin, packing the car, Jamaica Beach at 10pm

1-5am worst night of parenting, Madeleine burning up with fever, Cason driving her around, our exhausted litte family sleeping in till 10, Madeleine playing with golf balls, nephews boogie boarding, eating sand, Madeleine adjusting, fun family beach time all day, margaritas, kebabs for dinner, dining al fresco

Watching church on Houston's First's website, banana pancakes and mimosas, more beach time, crab-finding, nephews skim boarding, women's soccer, Madeleine feeling better, more fun at the beach, tons of seaweed this day, Bristers leaving

Madeleine teething and being clingy, low-key day, lots of playing, good napping for Madeleine, dinner on the seawall at Fish Tales

Driving to NASA, taking the tram, mission control, rockets, Madeleine in the Moby, Panera for lunch, Cason and Bill golfing, Trish and Madeleine and I exploring the south side of the island, make-your-own pizzas

More nice beach time and slow-paced day, Madeleine being pulled around on the deflated float, I started to feel crummy but thought chills were from the sun and aches were from carrying Madeleine around NASA, napping lots for me today, women's soccer, burgers for dinner

Last day, Madeleine fearless in the water, guys golfing again, girls' trip into town to Murdoch's, pina coladas on the dock, grilling steaks,last time in the water, beautiful sunset, playing cards, me still feeling a bit "off" but enjoying the last day

Pack up the car, head back to Houston, la Madeleine for lunch, goodbye to Bill and Trish, nap and fever for me, Cason checks out throat, off to walgreens take care clinic, strep throat, Madeleine and mommy now both on antibiotics! Lots of weekend playtime for Daddy and Mads, including monkey pajama pants on head