Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy 8-month birthday, Madeleine!

Dear Madeleine,

We were blessed with another wonderful month with you! Per usual, you are developing so quickly, and we are just trying to soak in every moment with you.

Whoever said summer was for taking it easy must not be in our family. We began your 8th month with a trip to see Nana and Pop for Memorial Day. You also got to see Kade, your due date twin! You slept so well at Nana and Pop's - way to go! You also loved playing in the hot tub of their pool. You got to see your Aunt Heather and cousin Collin - you literally were the center of attention!

You just love the water in general. Between your Nana's pool, your Granna's pool, the splash pad, Noah's Ark pool, our neighborhood pool, Lake Palestine, the city pool by our house and the baby pool in the backyard, you certainly get your time in the water! We live in Houston, so it's a part of life!

You were even sweet enough to take Mommy to the splash pad on her birthday! What fun to celebrate with friends.

You also still love the tub!

Speaking of Lake Palestine, you had a great time at the Gajdica reunion with us. Everyone loved on you, and you loved being the center of attention and spending time in the lake! You looked like such a tiny baby in that water. At first you were just...taking it in, but later you got comfortable and started splashing around.

Your new favorite snack is Baby Mum Mums. You are also starting to eat food off your high chair tray - watermelon and puffs just to start! You are definitely eating us out of house and home. The free breastmilk continues to be a blessing, but boy are we buying a lot of baby food! I was right about your top teeth, but they weren't the ones I was expecting. Your middle bottom teeth are all the way in, but the top teeth aren't the middle ones. They are outer incisors or canines! They have barely surfaced, but if they make it all the way in quickly, you might look like a baby vampire or baby bat!

Looking back at your calendar, your mobility has developed at lightning speed! At the beginning of the month you were scooting and rolling around. Then, you were able to move from horizontal to sitting and back again, then you crawled, then you pulled yourself up in your crib, and now you are pulling yourself up on the coffee table (not without a few slips - ouch!) and the couch. It has been wonderful to watch, and you go to electrical cords like a moth to a flame! It cracks me up how you find exactly what you aren't supposed to mess with and go straight to it. Your crawling also increased your appetite. You traded in your 12 hours of sleep/night for an extra feeding a few nights - I had to make sure to cram all your calories into the daytime. We got back on track and you are sleeping like a champ again.

Your speech continues to develop as you are now stringing syllables together into ba-ba-ba-ba or ta-ta-ta-ta, da-da-da-da or ay-ay-ay-ay. When you do that last one you sound like a little mariachi singer. Most times you have two volumes: loud or nothing, but sometimes when you are exploring our house, crawling around, you whisper your repeating syllables, seeming to concentrate so hard, and it is cute! You also started giving mommy kisses. You lean into my face and open your mouth, planting it on my face. So sweet.

You also had your first Vacation Bible School this week! You were moved to the crawling room, and you even made your first craft! I loved catching glimpses of you throughout the week and getting a little smile from you as you rode around in the bye bye buggy. You missed a morning nap or two, but you seem to be okay. :) No separation anxiety yet. If you miss me in the house, you just come find me, and you seem to be a-ok in the church nursery or staying with Granna and Grandad.

We had a great 8th month, Madeleine! We can't wait to see what #9 brings!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Madeleine's Father's Day Surprise

We had a great first Father's Day on which Cason was honored, thanks to Madeleine. We spent Father's Day Eve (ha) in Cypress with the Deilys. Mexican food and margaritas, decadent dessert, made by yours truly ;) and some swimming was a perfect recipe for a lovely Saturday evening. To honor my dad I made him a bowl with lots of things that he says written all around it. Spanish nuggets of wisdom, family inside jokes...just little things here and there.

Our actual Father's Day was pretty low-key. We had a great Sunday at church. Madeleine even let some poop somehow get on her sweet church dress. Thankfully we were on the shuttle back to offsite parking when we wiped the little nugget off her back. Thankfully, that was not the only Father's Day surprise. We went home for some naps, and Madeleine and I ran some errands to let her Dad have some time with Rory while he won the U.S. Open. We had a family trip to the city pool right by our house. Look at how Madeleine just loves her daddy!

It was nearly bedtime when we got home and we realized we forgot to lower Madeleine's crib mattress. As I was nursing her, we agreed it could wait one more night. I put her down and she did her usual talking/fussing to sleep, and then it got quiet. I peeked in on her and the child was STANDING UP. She was surveying her room with a look on her face of absolute pride but utter confusion as well. "Wow! Look at me! what?" I got Cason to come look, and we quickly went in her room to celebrate, and move the mattress down. That little chunk had her own gift to give her daddy, and he was so proud.

I love this video - at the end she shows us just how she did it!

I love you, Cason White. Thanks for being such a wonderful daddy to our baby girl.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Within one hour...

We have this:

And we have this:

And we are on our way to the Noah's Ark pool when she wakes up. To say this girl keeps me (and herself, apparently) on our toes is an understatement!