Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy 3-month birthday, Madeleine!

Sweet girl, we celebrated three months with you today! I am stuck in that mommy paradox of feeling like we've known you forever but also feeling like this time has flown by! You are changing each and every day. You are getting to be so fun and interactive and talkative too! To celebrate your three months, I thought I would share your personality with everyone by using adjectives to form your name.

M- mysterious - girl, you are getting more scheduled, but sometimes your routine is a mystery to us. You are on a schedule of eating at 8, 11, 2, 5, 8 etc. and before Christmas, you were going 8p-8a without eating, but then here in January you picked up both your late night and middle of the night feeding again. I was quite befuddled and less than thrilled, but the good news is you've dropped them both again...we think. Also, your naps are mysterious. Some days they are long and lovely, while other days you decide to wake up 30 minutes into your nap. Mommy tries to let you cry it out, but you won't go back to sleep, even though you are yawning, fussy and rubbing your eyes! I think you are making a very good mysterious face in this picture.

A- adaptable - your dad and I drag you to a lot of events, and we don't always guard your schedule (so maybe that's why it's still mysterious!) Your Granna reminded me that if you were too rigid and loved your naps in your crib too much, you might not be so easy to haul around! We took you to Plano and Denton over Christmas. We'd prepared ourselves that you might not be able to sleep in different surroundings with so many people around. You did great staying Christmas Eve at your Great-Gran and Great-Granpa's and then 3 nights at Nana and Pop's! We took you to the Texas Bowl at Reliant Stadium, and just this weekend it was your naptime at the Baylor basketball game. After you had taken it all in (and surprisingly enjoyed it, not getting scared by the noise!) and even won the dance contest during a timeout, you started to fuss sleepily. I got out your paci and cuddled you up to me, and you went to sleep in my arms for an hour and a half! We are so grateful for your adaptability because you can sleep and eat anywhere.

D- determined - you are so strong on your tummy. You haven't rolled over yet, but we feel like it must be any day now. You are also determined to sleep with your head slightly turned to the right. When we went to your two-month appointment, Dr. Koush said that you had just a little flat spot on the back right of your head. She said she wasn't concerned - it just must be the spot where you prefer to rest your head when you sleep. We give you lots of tummy time and we hold you a lot, but when you are on your back, we can almost always find you with your head turned slightly to the right, no matter what we do to distract you to your left! Stubborn baby!

E- expressive - oh Madeleine, you are babbling and giggling, smiling a ton, and you even have tears now! Within a few minutes you can be smiling and talking then get serious and quiet, with your eyebrows furrowed. We love the ways you are already communicating with us. You have definitely found your hands - many times you are holding them together or waving them around...touching your face, grabbing your clothes, mommy's hair...etc. So I don't know how to edit videos - I think the whole thing is cute, but if you're short on time, just skip to 4:45 and watch it through the end. How can I edit videos, y'all?

Madeleine "Talking" 1/19/11 from Allison White on Vimeo.

L- literary - you love it when we read you books! You used to not pay much attention, but just a couple weeks ago, you were really ready to lock in on whatever we were reading to you. You love hearing our voices and looking at the pictures. You tend to talk back when we read to you too - we love it!

E- extrovert - you let lots of people watch you, hold you and talk to you - babies and grown ups, family and friends, you are happy to spend time with lots of people. When I pick you up from Sunday School, Miss Judy says "She was great like always!" You do enjoy getting back to your mom and dad eventually, but you love being around people!

I- independent - as much as you love people, sometimes you just need to stretch out on your own. I try to guard you when you might be overstimulated - sometimes you don't even want to be held by Mommy - you want to get on your blanket and stretch out! On Christmas day, the White gift exchange was happening during your naptime. I just laid you down in the dining room on a burp cloth and you got to sleep. You are also content to play on your own.

N- nocturnal - up until just recently, you have been quite the night owl. Some nights you wouldn't go to bed until sometime between 11-1am! You weren't fussy, just...awake, like a little baby owl. Thankfully, you have now begun to fall asleep at a more normal hour (tonight you went to sleep at 8:30! Praise the Lord!)

E- ever-changing - Madeleine, when your mommy was little, your Granna wrote down one thing a day in a calendar about my little life. I am doing the same for you - just a sentence or two a day to remember what is going on in your world. I go back and read things, just from a few weeks ago and am amazed how much you are changing and growing. We are so blessed by your health and good development.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Madeleine and the Swedish Snot Sucker

Y'all, we had a great first Christmas with Madeleine. More on that later. I was really looking forward to starting fresh in January - a 10-week old baby, a new year, no more busy holiday schedule/to-do list...we were ready to go! We spent New Year's Eve at home with PJs, wine, fondue, our baby...we even watched Beauty and the Beast. Don't judge, it was perfect for us. :) New Year's day we had the family over to celebrate Mom's birthday, and we watched the Rose Bowl at the Saxes' with the Rabes. So far so good...but then things started going downhill.

Poor Madeleine got her first runny nose. When you are a little baby it is hard to sleep, suck a paci, lots of things when you have a runny nose. You don't even know how to sniff to clear it out! We used the little bulb aspirator, but it just wasn't cutting it. Ally introduced me to the NoseFrida - the Swedish snot sucker! It was amazing. See the below video - I felt like I was sucking her brains out, but it worked so well. A couple times she looked so funny while I did it, but then she gave me a big smile when it was all cleared out. *No you do not get their snot in your mouth.*

Untitled from Allison White on Vimeo.

Then Cason got himself a sinus infection on Monday/Tuesday. This was a serious SINUS INFECTION. That thing kept my man out of work for FOUR days. Cason White does not miss work for four days for being sick - EVER. That thing laid him out. These were his constant companions...along with his John Adams biography he just got for Christmas.

Madeleine had her 2-month appointment last Wednesday (finally - more like 10 1/2 week appointment!) She did great. She's actually not as heavy as we thought, but at 12 lbs. 11 oz., she is in the 82 percentile for weight. She is 23 1/2 inches long and in the 79 percentile for height. Her head circumference is 15 1/2 inches and in the 55 percentile. She is a growing girl! She had one oral vaccine (where she just drank it) and she got 3 shots in those chubby thighs. She screamed for a minute, but calmed down quickly. Sweet baby girl.

Now that we got all that crud out of the way, I am happy to report this week has been MUCH better. I am no longer acting as a nurse, my husband is actually going to work, Madeleine and I are busy working on her schedule/sleep training, Cason and I are running and we're starting small group again. THIS is how I imagined last week would be!