Thursday, September 30, 2010

It's HERE!

No, no, not SHE’S here, IT’S here. As in fall. My favorite season. One of great anticipation and mystery! One of change and traditions and relief from the hot Houston summer. Fall visited us this week, and looks like it’s here to stay…only to cool into winter, which is really lovely in Houston.

Growing up, Mom always decorated the house for every season/holiday. I think you kinda have to do that in Houston where our seasons are so truncated. We have a really long summer, short fall, short winter, really short spring, so the decorations help us remember where we are on the calendar.

As much as I love Christmas decorations and all the magic that comes with them, my favorite décor in our house is fall décor. I think it’s natural and cozy, it goes with our colors, and it’s pretty much all homemade/home-arranged, so I was thrilled to pull the boxes out this week. I still need to pick up some pumpkins and crotons for our porch, and then we will be in business! It was also surreal thinking that our baby girl will come home to a fall-decorated house very soon! She’ll be here by the time I’m exchanging the decor for holly berries, wintery branches, Santas, nativities and snowmen!

Here are some favorite arrangements from home:

And here are some of my favorite things about fall:

Bigelow Vanilla Chai Tea
Crisp weather and cool breezes
Crock pot meals
New TV shows
Wearing layers
Anticipating the holiday season
Baylor Homecoming
Apple/cinnamon/pumpkin smells
Longsleeved t-shirts
Long shadows in the afternoon
Not sweating
Pumpkin spice lattes
Walking through leaves

This picture on my desktop every year:

Happy fall, y’all!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Massive September Update Post

I had planned on multiple, more in-depth blog posts about some of these things, but time is just getting away from us, and it looks like we’re gonna have a baby in about a month, so in the interest of time and urgency, here are some of the latest happenings from September and preparing for this baby! Settle in!

Babymoon – On Labor Day weekend, we had our Babymoon (no pun intended!) We originally had planned to go out of town to the Hill Country, but as the date got closer, we thought it would be less stressful to actually have a shorter trip, after laying low at our house the first half of the weekend, and on Sunday, we only went about 4 exits up 610 to the Houstonian to enjoy their “Babymoon Package.” Part of the package was a gift basket with all these little goodies for mom and baby, including a “Houstonian Baby” t-shirt. Haha. We spent Sunday afternoon at Trellis spa (oh the glory!) Cason got a deep tissue massage and I got a prenatal massage. When I came back out to the waiting area, and took one look at my robed husband, I decided I had never in my life seen him so relaxed. Its not that he is generally uptight, but he just had a look of pure relaxation on his sweet face. We definitely took our time there, enjoying teas and fruits, sitting in silence and just recharging. That night we went to eat at the Grotto and shopped at DSW (his idea!) Monday morning we slept in, enjoyed a nice breakfast at the hotel, and went on a walk around the property. Around noon we hopped in the car and were home in 10 minutes! It was just perfect.

Veritas Shower – The next weekend, 5 sweet friends from my Sunday School class threw me a shower. It was jungle-themed and so stinkin’ cute! I was blessed to have about 30 friends (including mom, Linnet and sister Liz) there to celebrate Miss Madeleine’s upcoming arrival. I have to say, the décor was adorable, the food was delicious and the games were lots of fun! The gifts were a perfect combination of very practical items (many of the guests were veteran moms) and cute, homemade treasures (also very useful!) created by some of my very talented friends (featured in an upcoming blog post!) While we were at the shower, my dad and Cason were working on lots of projects around the house – I can’t be the only one accused of nesting!

Work Shower – At work, my friend Liz is getting married about a week after Madeleine’s due date, so we asked our team if we could have a joint shower rather than two separate parties. It was lots of fun, and we got some really cute stuff!

Luncheon at Linnet’s – Linnet hosted a lunch for us at her home the next Sunday – the food was so good, and once again, Madeleine got some really cute things, like some fringed boots and a little swimsuit! Patty, who is a dear friend in Linnet’s needlepoint group and also was our realtor, started this beautiful needlepoint canvas – she said I had to give it back though because she will have to put in Madeleine’s birth info!

Baylor Game – This past weekend, Baylor came to Houston! We were so excited for them to play Rice since the campus is just a few minutes from our house. We had dinner with friends at Two Rows before the game, and then we went over to the stadium. The rain delay wasn’t fun, but the Bears finished up the job after the storm passed. It’s crazy to think Madeleine has already been to two Baylor basketball games (in the Sweet 16 and Elite 8!) and one Baylor football game.

That about sums up our September from an activity perspective! We’ve also been in the thick of birthing classes (so good! I encourage everyone to take them from First Birth Ministries!) and starting a new small group session. No wonder time has flown. Madeleine was measuring two weeks ahead (growth-wise) at our last appointment. Here I am last week at 34 weeks:

Kinda crazy to think about, and I am also having these strange moments of “what if she’s a boy?” Oh goodness. The only thing he'll have to wear is the "Houstonian Baby" t-shirt...even our baby Romo jersey is pink... :)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Madeleine's First Shower in DFW!

Madeleine had her first shower on August 29. Four sweet college friends of mine (three of whom were bridesmaids in our wedding) offered to host the shower, and we had it in the DFW area. It was perfect because Cason and I have lots of friends and family up there, and I think we had 26 at the shower!

The girls went all out. I was joking with Anne recently that it is perfect when four first-born, overachievers plan a shower. Their creativity (combined with Anne’s mom’s special touch!) made for a really fun, French theme!

Here are the girls, and some of the special touches:

It was such a fun shower!

Here I am with my mom and Gran:

And with Madeleine's Granna and Nana!
Sweet girls - I miss seeing them every day like I did in college!
Family and friends on White side of the family -
How precious is that sign? I told Anne's mom that it would be used at pretty much every birthday party of Madeleine's. There's my due date twin again - who will come first? Kade or Madeleine?

Madeleine's AJ!

Annnnnd she got a pink Tony Romo jersey from her dad. :)
Ashley and Jeana look super excited about baby shower bingo!
Opening Anne's sweet gift -
Great crowd!
Madeleine's Aunt Heather, Nana and I
Thanks so much everyone! We are so blessed!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Veritas Wedding Reunion!

I am soooo behind again. Busy times for the White family – so much going on, and so much coming up with just 49 days until our due date!

Today I want to write about the Veritas Wedding Reunion we had back in August (like I said, me=so behind.) Sometime at the beginning of 2010, my super-sensitive husband was musing about how close we’ve become to all these couples in our Sunday School Class (Veritas) but what a shame it was that we hadn’t been to each others’ weddings or been able to share that milestone (‘cause goodness knows we’ve shared the kid milestone!) So Cason thought it would be fun for us to have a “Wedding Reunion” complete with pictures, music, etc from all of our weddings, so that we could celebrate together and at least feel like we went to some of these weddings! Anyway, last February I told our crazy-fantastic social coordinator, Tiffany Fuller, about the idea, and she agreed to work on it (maybe she wouldn’t have agreed had she known the overwhelming response she’d get from the class or how much work she was in for!)

It all came to fruition this August when the Fullers pulled off the best social event yet! We had the upstairs at Spaghetti Warehouse downtown all to ourselves. There were about 30 couples, all dressed up, and the Fullers even recruited a couple from another class to be our photographers! We got this cute memento as we left that evening.

I was a little self-conscious going in to the evening – I wore one of my favorite (and well-worn) little black dresses from college with strappy heels. Thankfully it was verrrrrryyy stretchy, but that baby bump was sticking out for all to see! I also didn’t know how dressed up everyone was going to get, but as you’ll see from the photos, everyone looked great!

We had delicious dinner, mixed and mingled and then watched a slideshow the Fullers put together of lots of our wedding photos set to our first dance song or another song from our wedding. It was so fun to see the range of weddings – all the dresses the girls wore, and all the other personal touches from the weddings, one of them even having taken place in Romania.

After the slideshow, we had cake, pushed the tables back and DANCED!

It was such a great time – the Fullers did a WONDERFUL job with each and every little detail, and hopefully in 5 more years they will be ready to do it again!