Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines: Lightbulb project + Quadruple Double Date

As I mentioned in my blog post last year, Valentine’s is a fun day for us, but definitely something surrounded by the homemade and organic authenticity of love, not so much the commercialized extravaganza in which our consumer culture thrives. (P.S. I will never, not ever complain about the roses my husband sends to work each Valentine’s Day, despite my “no really we are trying to save money this year, don’t worry about it!” comments. Call me a hypocrite but I am just fine with that!)

Keeping in my homemade tradition, I decided to try a new project featured on one of my most favorite blogs, Design*Sponge – the DIY Valentine’s Lightbulb
Because well…it was cute, and why not? I’d never hollowed out a lightbulb before. Yes, the message is cheesy, but that's kind of the point of Valentines, right? The result is below:

We then went ahead and indulged the cheesiness that is Valentine’s Day, but when you do it with seven other couples, it’s much more fun. We went on what I called a “quadruple double date” (4x2=8 couples…if you didn’t know I was a major dork by now, consider yourself informed) to the Studio Movie Grill to see…of course…Valentine’s Day! Ryan and Sarah Craig even dressed up in a tux and a dress, just because.

Afterward we went to the Saxes for chocolates, champagne(sparkling grape juice for the preggos,) Ryan Craig’s Death by Chocolate, Kiser chocolate fondue and Cindy’s cupcakes…plus Loaded Questions and Buzzword.

I adore that husband of mine, but the “I love you, Allison” or more like “Ah luh ooo, Aisen” of another man stole my heart last weekend. He said it to me, unprompted, and I just melted. Love you too, Micah Saxe.

Photo courtesy of The Craig Life/Fish Lips Photography

Friday, February 12, 2010

That small group of ours...

Sometimes we encounter Thursday night raids on our home and cars by the Cypress small group. (See my hoodrat entry from October.)

Sometimes a 2-year old sleeps in our closet:

Sometimes almost-dentists fit their friends for new mouth guards with the help of pretend dentists like my husband (who knew so many people grind their teeth?)

Sometimes the kids make friends (please note the cheeto in Micah’s mouth):

Sometimes we celebrate birthdays (why you would harass the guy that made your Paula Deen birthday goodness, I don't know):

Always we have great discussion and growth…then we watch the Office, play Words With Friends and we have to kick people out at midnight (well maybe just the Kisers.)

We are so blessed by these friends, and many others in our Sunday School class…these are just the yahoos that show up at our house every Thursday.