Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I love the changing of the seasons. Love it. Sometimes Houston is a bummer because our seasons are so wacky, but at least that makes it exciting. (I'll just keep telling myself that.) You also have to decorate a lot to remind yourself what season you're in! Fall is my favorite season. It's several things...the relief of cooler days that comes after our blistering summers, the anticipation of the holidays, football season, lots of cooking and yummy smells...all of the above. It's also very mysterious

I took down my pumpkins and my fall leaves in preparation for the calendar's switch from fall to "winter," but I am so legalistic about when I decorate that I cannot put up one Christmas decoration until the last bite of Thanksgiving pie has been eaten, but then it is ON. Home Alone on or Christmas music blaring, the decorations will go up! I'll get my Christmas boxes down today, but I will not open them. I think I would be the same about Christmas music too, except when you've been in choir the majority of your life, you know that Christmas music starts in October, naturally.

As far as life seasons go, it's interesting to observe and live through various milestones. It's amazing how many we've already gone through and we are only in our mid-twenties! It's weird to think that many more of the milestones we go through will actually be experienced by our children. We'll be there to watch, guide and hopefully steer them in the right direction. We are in our "young marrieds" season, but we have friends spanning the college season, the single adult season and the new parents season. It's challenging to maintain friendships across the seasons, but we do our best!

I'm thankful for the seasons because within seasons there is both change and consistency, and I can really relate to that. Ecclesiastes 3 even says that, actually. The various seasons are given, born, die, plant, uproot...weep, laugh, mourn, dance, but at the end of the list: "I know that everything God does will endure forever; nothing can be added to it and nothing taken from it. God does it so that men will revere him. Whatever is has already been, and what will be has been before; and God will call the past to account." Change and consistency.

That's something to be thankful for.