Wednesday, September 9, 2009

With falls apart

So, in an attempt to spruce things up a bit around here, I decided to try a fall template. Easier said than done, and I'm usually savvy with simple html background switches.

Not so this evening, but anyway, this beautiful new fall template decided to delete ALL of my blog links. Not cool. I had to re-do my blog roll from memory and cheat off of other friend's blogs and their links. For those of you who do not have your blog link on your facebook, or I might've forgotten because's 11 p.m. on Wednesday night...please send me the link to your blog- even if I didn't have your link on my blog roll before...send it along! I love my blog links on the side and checking in with everyone. Also, even to some of my "followers" I don't know how to find your blog link from your follower profile, so please send me the links in the comments section. Thanks a million. That's what I get for trying to be creative/seasonal.

But the good news remains...fall is coming. You've got to be deliberate around here, where the seasons are so muddy and undefined, my fall decorations are about to jump out of the closet, but I'll wait...I've already had 2 pumpkin spice lattes. In Houston we are enjoying a week of on and off rain- praise the Lord because this summer's weather was miserably dry. 09-09-09 brought another baby to the Veritas class- Miss Sarah Anne Hearn. Can't wait to meet her, and would you believe her stud of a mother only had to push for 12 minutes and go through 2 contractions? God sure answered their prayers! As far as my sisters are concerned, this week also brings Liz's 19th birthday and Julianne's 21st (look out!) We are getting old, but each chapter of life just gets more and more fun...

P.S. does anyone know how I can change my title from boring Times New Roman bold to something A flowy cursive or a simple papyrus-type font? Ally...I know you know!

P.P.S Not even going to jump into the health care debate (mainly because I don't get most of it...) or any other opinions, because I do have them here and there, but all that aside, what was all the fuss over Obama's speech to the kiddos at school? I read the text and thought it was fantastic...maybe because it struck a chord with me and the message I tried so desperately to impart on my own students, but still, it was darn good.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sorry, August...

Dear August,

Seems like I've been waiting to see this:

for a long time.

I'm sorry I've told my just don't do anything for me- no holidays, and summer is coming to a close. Since my days of teaching school and attending school are over for now, you don't allow me to stock up on school supplies, plan a new year, have a new schedule...nothin'. I used to love you for many years, such as 1988, right before preschool, the beginning of my scholastic journey:
August, you're hot. Right as I'm getting over summer and am ready for life to cool off...or at least not force me to sweat with every departure from the air conditioning, you linger. I think you're trying too hard. You kill my grass and you give me preseason football games, not even real ones. 2009 August has been a good one- a lake trip, a wedding, a first birthday, fun Veritas events, a game night and my parents' 29th wedding anniversary...but even those events aren't worth you sticking around. I'm ready for the routine of fall, the anticipation of the holidays and cooler runs. August, I ran 87 miles in your heat! You're no good for marathon training.

I've let go...I welcomed September to my calendar with a pumpkin spice latte with Liz this morning and a double date at Los Tios with the Craigs this evening! I'll celebrate Labor Day this weekend and enjoy Baylor's first football game against Wake Forest on Saturday. It won't be long before my fall decorations emerge as well...I'm moving on.