Monday, August 24, 2009

Honorary Dentonite

I often joke that Cason "came with" great furniture when we got married. He also "came with" a great hometown that I LOVE to visit: Denton! Part of the affection attached to the town is probably how super relaxed we always are when we visit- Bill and Trish always make it so laid back, fun and comfortable. They also have a really neat home in the historic district- very near the town square/courthouse as well as UNT's campus.

We were in north Texas for Amanda and Erik's wedding this weekend (so much fun!!)

We stayed in Denton Friday night and thanks again to I had a lovely run on Saturday morning. It was nice- cool and dry- the first hint of fall (NOT experiencing that in Houston yet- on average, I tend to sweat at least one pound of my weight during morning runs. Sick.) Anyway, I got to run by UNT, around the town square and courthouse and back through the historic district. It was also hillier (is that a word?)than I'm used to in Houston, so that was good. Coming down the road, I knew I was home when I rounded the corner and saw the Maginot Line.

What appears to be a tasteful landscape element is REALLY a fortification. As many of you know, Bill is career military. Living in such close proximity to both UNT and the Fry St. bars, my sweet inlaws have unfortunately had their share of intruder cars enter their yard and backyard fence. Bill built the Maginot line (google for WWI reference.) It is composed of bricks, large rocks, old anchors...many things that would prevent a straying car from accidentally running into the house. (Can you see the peripheral anchor by the crape myrtle?) There's more where that came from.

Whether you grab a margarita at Miguelito's, enjoy brunch at the Chestnut Tree, check out Recycled- a fantastic used bookstore in an old opera house or just experience "the Austin of the north," wikipedia (gospel, right?) says "Dentonites take pride in being part of a unique and diverse creative community, and many consider this community to be the primary value of life in Denton that separates it from other Texas cities. Many in the creative community see Denton as the antidote to the ballooning traffic and population concerns of larger cities. The combination of Denton's respected music and art cultures, and the large intellectual population sustained by the town's two universities, which together have a combined enrollment of over 45,000 students, make Denton one of the state's most dominant cultural bases."

Didn't mention that my little Liz began her freshman year as an honors chemical engineering major at UT...we celebrated before she left with a yummy lunch at Niko Niko's. Look at this cute little longhorn!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I lost my mom on Legendary Lane

Sounds like the title to a country song right? I’ll get to that.

So, as many of you probably already know, I lost each and every last marble and signed up for the Chevron Houston Marathon in January. Before spring 2008, I had never run an excess of 2 miles in my life, and even those occasions were few and far between. Somehow I eeked out the half marathon in January 2009 and was pleased with my 2:26:23 time. In a moment of insanity, I made a loose pact (can you make a loose pact?) with my body that before we bore children, we would run a marathon, so might as well run it in 2009…rather than, say, 2015.

When I started “training” in the last week of July, I realized I had 26 weeks until the race, so, like a genius, I googled “26-week marathon training plan.” After searching through a few more complicated schedules, I found a nice one that just says the number of miles you need to run each day with Monday being a rest day. I think I can modify this one as well. Running 6 days a week is crazy- and I am allowing myself grace if I skip a day in the week for other things. I’ve had a morning run here and there (the routine I need to get into) but most days, both because I cannot pull myself out of bed and the wretched humidity, I try to run in the evening after work. I tallied my mileage on the chart, and when this whole thing is said and done in January, theoretically, I will have run 840.2 miles. Sheesh. I’ve run 45 so far, and I just have to take it a day at a time.

A few girls at church told me about What a great tool! I can customize runs on my computer based on length/where I want to run, change them up, calculate fun routes and see others’ routes all over town. In my first week of training, our family went to Lake Cedar Creek for the 23rd (?) annual Baylor Summer Bunch gathering of all 9 families. Normally, this would be an excuse to take a couple days off my running, but no- allowed me to trace a 3 mile route through Gun Barrel City, Texas!

This was perfect. On Friday, mom wanted to go for a walk, so I said- just stay on Legendary Lane, mom, I’ll run through the neighborhood a bit and then find you on my way back. Well, Diane is a speedy walker, so she got too far down the road, and I couldn’t find her. I ran back to the hotel, got a hotel key from my dad and Cason before they went to golf, and jumped in the ‘burban to find her. I did find her…and then we went to Canton.