Tuesday, June 30, 2009

2 years!

Two years ago today, Cason and I got married!We celebrated with dinner at Del Frisco's after work. We are so grateful to the Lord for these two years, and we are so excited for many more ahead!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Essentials

Needless to say (as evidenced by my blog absenteeism) June has been busy- lots going on at work, B’s graduation weekend, 25th birthday, Father’s Day, shower hosting, shower attending, board meetings, summer small groups, game night, friends having babies, Baylor events…just…busy, but fun! As the mercury rises in Houston (as it always does, but this June is ESPECIALLY hot/dry) I’ve put together a few things that are my “essentials” this summer as I enjoy the season and beat the heat!

My Sigg bottle. It fits in my purse, and I drink from it all day! Also- "Juicy Glo" nail polish for fingers and toes. A great, bright, red-orange color. Sigg was a gift from my aunt and uncle for our wedding, as a part of a "green household kit." (Sigg: $21.99 Nail polish: $4.49 at CVS)
Never underestimate the purse-sized deodorant. Very important. $2 A citronella candle- since nothing else will keep the mosquitos away! $10
Sun-loving plants...because we get a LOT of sun. $20
We don't have a grill yet, but the George Foreman works great for fresh vegetables! These are from Gran and Granpa's garden. Yum! $24.99
Sun shades for the car- unfortunately, I don't park in a garage, and my seats are black leather. These were also free- left by the previous owner of my car- but it's $10.95. They fold up really well.
Mulch! Very important to help the roots of your plants stay hydrated. Mulch acts as a great barrier against the heat. It's cheap too at about $2/bag.
Sonic happy hour! Who doesn't love a Route 44 strawberry limeade for $1.06?
Our sprinklers! Much needed for late night/early morning watering. These were free- left in the garage by our home's previous owner! (but you can get them at Lowe's for $14.87 for 2)
And, I don't have the time/patience/desire to lay out much (that will change when I go to Florida for a week.) So in the meantime, why not try a sunless tan? This one is a great one because it does NOT smell like baby food. Major plus. ($10.99)
I also learned a new word recently. It's the summer version of "hibernate." It would be nice to do this...at least during the hottest part of the day, right?


1.to spend the summer, as at a specific place or in a certain activity.
2.Zoology. to spend a hot, dry season in an inactive, dormant state, as certain reptiles, snails, insects, and small mammals.
Also, if I had a dollar for every time Cason and I have sang/danced the "Mini Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich" jingle from Jack in the Box, I could afford to buy all these great products for all of YOU!
Happy summer!