Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Before and After- part 2

A couple lovely spring weekends ago, we had Bill and Trish down from Denton. We had a wonderful time- full, but relaxing. Since they came on a Thursday, they joined us for small group (well medium group- we had 9 couples that night) and then we had a weekend of sleeping in, playing cards, going to Galveston, good food and church. Before and After because...before Cason was in my life, I had one family, and now I have two; two families I love so deeply and am so comfortable with. Praise God! Also, these pictures of Galveston, aside from the sunny fun we had, show a more tragic "after" Hurricane Ike. Historian in me said these pictures were a must...Six months later- can you see the beds, mirrors and other hotel room furniture? Creepy. During lunch I kept looking at it and imagining people up there...
Before...the Balinese Tea Room, Ocean Grill...other landmark spots out over the water...
What force...those ain't lightweight!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Before and After- part 1

Aren't we all suckers for "before and after?" Not only is the category on Wheel of Fortune fun and clever, but how about all those TLC and HGTV shows? Can we really make someone look 10 years younger? Can we really transform that old home into some creative, modern marvel? Absolutely! I have a few before and afters of my own, some in this post, some later. First, we have been yardwork FIENDS the past couple weekends. Let's just say...

24 bags of leaves (and counting...I mean, we have 6 oak trees in the front and 3-4 in the back...countless in the surrounding yards)
12 bags of top soil
4 bags of azalea soil
10 azalea plants
2 bags of weed and feed
20 pallets of grass
1 flat of marigolds
1 flat of mexican heather...
hopefully equals yard ready for spring! We'll see...the grass is the toughest because of the water-sucking oak tree roots! Here's a couple "before and after" pics of a couple of our beds.

That's just a bit of it...phew...lots of work. Another "before and after" of March... an idea I just might make an Etsy page for. More details later, but it makes a fun housewarming/wedding gift.

My mind just keeps going with all the possibilities for these pots...themes, colors, ribbons...endless possibilities. :)

Stay tuned for more "before and afters" as I think Spring is a fun time to feature them!
"He who was seated on the throne said, "I am making everything new!" Then he said. "Write this down, for these things are trustworthy and true." (Revelation 21:5)

"I once was lost, but now am found, was blind but now I see..."

That's pretty much the best "before and after" ever, don't you think? :)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Forgotten February

So I get blog-overwhelmed very quickly when the blog hasn't been updated in awhile. I do think of things to write about quite a bit, and when that list gets too long, I put the blog out of my mind! I also don't prefer entries that are too "calendarish." I prefer topical, but I will just do a listy February in an attempt to at least acknowledge the month! It was so busy- we had something every night basically from the 7th-28th. Yikes.
  • Super Bowl! We celebrated the first half at the Reneaus and the second half at the Veritas party at the Jacksons.

  • Cason turned 28!
  • Valentine's Day and Legally Blonde the Musical
  • Dallas trip to see Anne, Rachel, Andi, Carolyn and Jeana! We had lots of good food and wine and went to the King Tut exhibit at the DMA as well as the Missy Higgins show at the House of Blues. Oh, and Andi got another piercing. :)
  • Veritas Girls' Night out- February!
  • A Fox interview/feature filmed about Family Services' Ways to Work program (tune in March 16th at 5:00 to see!) with Emily Akin
  • The Baylor University Women's Association Houston Young Grad event I chaired at the Michael Kemper Salon!

  • 4-day weekend in Waco with Jul- attended Tridelt's Sing practice, Baylor Business Network Day at the B-school (yes, I'm a poser) Sing twice (DDD's act three times- obsessed) and lots of fun with friends! It was the perfect way to end a busy, busy month.
I do have two entertaining stories from the month- aside from these events...things that happened that I must chronicle, lest I forget...

Allow me to set the stage for the morning of the BUWAH event I was chairing...I had a blast in Dallas the weekend before, but then Monday night was Veritas GNO and then was the BUWAH young grad event that I chaired…then goingto Waco, etc etc. So, this particular morning I got up early, loaded my car, took care of some last minute details for the event…everything was going so well. I got all dressed for work and was about to head out the door (ON TIME) On my way out, I thought, “Oh let me take the Valentine's flowers into the kitchen and dump the vase” (they were starting to get old.) Coffee in my right hand, vase in my left, I neglected to consider the reaction between the smooth, glass vase and my recently-lotioned hands. I then ALMOST made it to our little counter between the kitchen and the den, but alas…my grip was gone. Down fell the vase, stinky plant water dousing the front of my recently-donned dress. The vase cracked, water went everywhere. Thankfully I had the presence of mind to hang on to the coffee. I ran to get towels and my brain was exploding with frustration. I broke the sweet vase from Cason that I really liked, there was water everywhere, what am I going to wear now? I was on time and everything! What a mess! I took my dress off and threw it to the side, and there I stood, crying, in my "undergarments" and brown pumps. I called Cason in hysterics, basically, “It’s okay sweetheart, stop crying.” “CANT I CRY TO YOU WHEN I’M SUPER FRUSTRATED?!” “Well of course, but it’s going to be okay. I can get you a new vase, is there anything I can do?” I indulged in very dramatic self-pity for about 30 seconds, then I cleaned up, sniffed my dress, realized it didn’t smell too bad (its navy blue, stretchy material anyway) so I put it on a hanger, blow-dried it dry and put it back on. Grabbed everything, thanked the Lord the water didn’t get on any of my materials for the event and that I really don’t have a specific time I have to be at work, and went on my way, singing as loud as I could all the way to work. Sweet Cason then ordered MORE beautiful flowers in a NEW Valentine's vase just to let me know that all was not lost. :)

Story number two:

I guess this was technically the beginning of March since it was in the early morning hours between Feb. 28 and Mar. 1...but anyway, here goes. So Cason and I mistakenly thought we could drive home from Waco Sat. night after Sing and go to church on Sun. am. Well, as always, Sing got out super late, and we were getting into Houston (after picking up his car at my parents’ in Cypress) at about 3am. We were on 290 coming into town, road wasn’t too crowded. Right in front of me, a big, white Nissan Titan decides to exit as we are literally passing the exit ramp (I guess drunk or just taking for granted that he was the only one on the road.) He moves over 3 lanes of traffic in about 2 sec., clipping the back left of a Camaro and zooming off. I laid on my brakes (and my horn, randomly.) The Camaro spins 360 degrees and hits the wall between coming and going traffic, ends up in the middle lane of 290, facing traffic. Cason and I pull right over. Cason got out of the car, ran across the highway (!) with a triangle orange reflector thing to prop up in front of the Camaro, and he checks on the driver. I called 911 and described the hit-and-run. Meanwhile cars are FLYING by this guy, HONKING. Are you serious? Cason stays with him, talks to him, both airbags were deployed, and he was pretty much in shock. He turned off his headlights for some reason, I’m screaming at Cason “Tell him to turn his lights back on!!” (since cars were almost hitting him anyway) We waited until police/ambulance arrived, told them what happened, they thanked us and sent us home. I was really surprised they didn’t get our names/numbers in case we needed to issue an official statement or something. Needless to say, we didn’t go to bed until 4 and we didn’t go to church, but Cason might've saved this guy's life! This is one of many reasons we don't find ourselves out in the middle of the night!

So there's February. I feel better now.